Comfort At Leash's End

You may have landed on this page because you saw Echo the service dog in public with his owner, or just because of the awesome internet magic that brought you here...


Who is Echo? 

Echo is a rescue dog saved and trained to help wounded warriors with combat PTSD. He was awarded to Spc. Marco Vasquez, 1-502 Infantry Division, 101st Airborne, on January 16, 2012 at the age of 2. Echo was tested and trained by the Train a Dog Save a Warrior program based in San Antonio, Texas.  

What Does He Do? 

Service dogs trained to help with PTSD assist the veteran in many ways, and can have specific comamands based on the veterans particular anxieties, fears, triggers, and needs. Every day 18 veterans commit suicide, 0 assigned a PTSD service dog have commited suicide to date. 

Some things Echo is being trained to do for his owner's PTSD are:

  • Prevent overcrowding in public
  • Provide a safe feeling to enter into public places
  • Interrupt nightmares and flashbacks
  • Remind to take medicine
  • Warn of approaching strangers
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Clear a room before entering
  • Watch the veteran's "back"
  • Encourage the soldier to get out of the house and get more exercise
  • Naturally engages people in public and often inspires positive conversations, helping the veteran "come out of his shell" 
  • Provide unconditional love and comfort
  • Be a "battle buddy," in dealing with daily life 
  • Alert the veteran his stress hormones are increasing and intervene


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