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    I Adore

    early morning runs walks

    being here for my kids



    times of solitude 

     performing  meh


     keeping shabbat 



    the color pink

     the outdoors



    eating well



    a wonderful book

    CrossFit  more yoga 

    long romantic walks to the fridge


    Family and Second Chances

    A blog on marriage, modern culture, family, and second chances. Raising a family in Austin, TX I have four children ages nine, eleven, thirteen, and fifteen. 

    Presently married sixteen years I’ve been a military wife, homemaker, special needs advocate to my third daughter, ‘home-school  educator’  turned  ’public schooler’, dancer, artistic director, veteran's advocate, caregiver, and newly bloggess writer.

    I grew up in El Paso, TX somehow. I am still waiting for somebody to explain to me how that happened,… and more importantly why. Twenty one years and a third world country later, I finally came to the United States and moved to Tennessee, and now live here in Austin.

    I opted for the un-career driven life of a mom because I felt raising my children myself would have the greatest benefit to them, for one, and the best impact on society, for two. (here’s hoping!) And because my husband fell for the whole thing and decided to support us all! (true man) It’s the only job you work yourself out of to know you are doing it well. I’m obviously meeting some sort of a calling of some kind.

    A lot of what I write deals with the rebuilding of a marriage relationship, good times, combat PTSD and TBI, veteran's issues, family, disabilities, Austin, and trying to keep it all together for our kids and ourselves.  And yes, it gets a little TMI,…


    Reviews :

    "Follow Amber Austen and read her blog Simply Peachy. It has made me laugh, cry, and reinforced my view on women. I love it!" - Jose A. Garica 


    "Such great courage. Write more, please." - Eric Young 


    "Amber, somehow I stumbled across your blog and it has completely moved me.

    Your stories are full of such joy, sorrow, pain, love, fun… I feel like I’ve known you forever, as if we are connected from another life somehow. You seem like such a beautiful soul; so full of life, love, hope, grace, perseverance. You’ve been a huge inspiration to me…

    Thank you…"


    "You really are honest about the strains of marriage & family life – thank you for your willingness to be that vulnerable. We’ve got 3 kids – ages 30,28 & ….6. So, we surprisingly reentered the “parenting a child” phase a few yrs. ago.
    Glad to see your “stuff” out there. Was really glad that you were honest enough to leave the anger about “porn” out there. Men go from being “Mr. Romantic” to “Mr.Jackass” so often. We need some honesty about this.
    Thanks – I’ll follow." - Joe Slaughter


    "I so enjoy reading your stories…whether laughing or crying they are awesome TY." - J Brady


    "Hi Amber- I came across you from amys blog. Wow. You display a courage and honest vulnerability that is really inspiring. I hope that your journey gets smoother as time goes by and maintain your humor and peachy spirit!!!" -Robert


    "I wanna be just like you AA, cuz your muchness is much more than mine" - RH


    "You have an amazing blog. The word amazing doesn't come close to describe it. Please write something every day so the world can enjoy." - Chris Contreras


    "Amber your story is powerful and you say so poetically.  I am deeply touched by your words." -Dina Schiaffo




    I dont' make this stuff up ;)